Tax cheating has been going on for many years. There are many different ways people have been cheating on their taxes for over 40 years. As our government keeps increasing the need for tax dollars and there is one way states can put a stop to businesses that cheat on their taxes.

Their is about 30 states that have made laws starting in year 2012 that cover businesses that void out some sales and keep the sales tax money collected. The laws differ in states but cover sales suppression devices and zappers. Every month is a separate criminal charge and their is no statue of limitation on tax cheating. Some cities like Chicago charge as much as 10% sales tax. This could bring back large sums of tax dollars and put a stop to businesses that cheat on their taxes.

The higher wages paid to our workers to compensate for inflation, United can help your state recover more of these lost sales tax dollars. Every tax cheat leaves theft tracks and if you know what to look for, it makes it easier to catch them. Our United consulting division can help you with a short training session to help your tax department start to recover those lost tax dollars.

Give us a call and ask for Tom who is in charge of this consulting division.

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